Our readers have taken an interest on our exciting weblog project, ‘I AM HAITI’. We had originally produced web clips of Jaffa Films staffers who are currently working on the feature documentary, ‘Blessed are the Meek’ and suggested they tell us about their love, and pride of their homeland, Haiti. However, we’d like to turn the lens on you, our supporters and share a select numbers of these videos in the feature documentary project, ‘Blessed are the Meek’. The winner of the ‘I AM HAITI’ video contest will be flown to Haiti in 2012 to record their personalized video.

The ‘I AM HAITI’ video contest hopes to present Haitians from all over the Diaspora who embody the love and humanity of Haiti. We’re excited to hear from you on topics as far reaching as childhood memories, family, community, Haitian culture and history, and Pre-Quake and Post Quake life. The Blessed team appreciates your participation in sharing, personal and honest accounts of being Haitian. Furthermore, we’ve also been inspired by the accounts from readers who told us that the disaster of 2010 presented a committed challenge for Haitians to rebuild their beloved country, by rebuilding their own lives. For many, it’s about reconnecting to one’s past and turning a terrible tragedy into personal triumph.

It’s really easy to contribute! You can create your video using YouTube or Vimeo and send the link/URL of the video to If you create your video using your laptop or mobile phone and have a video file, please attach the file in an email to

Your video submission will be judged by a selection of Haitian scholars, artists, writers, and filmmakers. Selected video submissions will be featured on the film’s upcoming multi-media website and weblog. Please make sure to include your full name with your video submission. Each video should be 60-90 seconds long, and should feature only you, speaking right into the camera telling your story. Please start your story with the words “I Am Haiti…” We can’t wait to hear from you! And if you have any questions, please email

Submission of ALL videos, ends Friday June 8th.


The Blessed Team.

‘Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou’ – Haitian Proverb

(Many hands lighten the load)



The first two responders to answer these two contest questions correctly on our weblog.

will win a pair of  general admission tickets valued at $90 to the Blessed benefit and
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1) The indigenous people of Hispaniola called the island:

2) National Motto of Haiti:



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Congratulations to our first BLESSED CONTEST winner, Jessika Smith!

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1) What’s Haiti’s national anthem?
The Dessalines Song

2) Name five cities/towns in Haiti?
Petion-ville, Jacmel, Cite Soliel, Croix-de-bouquets, Conaives

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Jaffa Scribe

Blessed Benefit & Screening Party Featured Guest: Visual Artist, Hertz Nazaire “Naz”

Nazaire | Bio

Hertz Nazaire

Hertz Nazaire was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on October 2, 1973 where he was raised by friends and family of his mother Yverose Nazaire who had left Haiti to find work in the United States.  Nazaire later moved to Brooklyn New York, to live with his mother at the age of 9.  Moving soon after with his new family to Bridgeport Connecticut after she was married.

Nazaire never forgot drawing from his love of color from memories of Taptaps seen on the streets of Port-Au-Prince Haiti which are colorful trucks and taxis painted with murals of Haitian life and images of religious stories, the Taptap is the main mode of public transportation in Haiti.  Everyday drawing and creating cards and notes for his mother who enjoyed supporting his ability to draw flowers from the Caribbean island that she often missed.


His love for drawing and art was later helped along by his art teachers at Westhill High School in Stamford Connecticut where he spent much of the time long hours after school in the Art Department practicing drawing and painting.  At Westhill he found his talent awarded with many early opportunity for Student Exhibitions, one being part of a Student Exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art at Champion located downtown Stamford Connecticut at the time.  This encouraged him to seek more education in the arts at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the University of Bridgeport.

Nazaire currently resides at Read’s Artspace in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Read’s Artspace is a large converted loft building located downtown Bridgeport that provides affordable live and work space for talented upcoming and working Artists. There he finds he can focus on learning and exploring more about the Arts and the many cultures that inspire him to paint.

Sickle Cell

Nazaire’s other focus are on creating design and space on his website dedicated to improving the image of Haiti on the web and providing a new community through the use of a new social network platform where Haitians can share their arts and culture with the world.  Nazaire also continues to work in health advocacy as a speaker for Sickle Cell Disease Pain awareness.  His Sickle Cell Series has been featured im many medical books and and other published books relating to Sickle Cell Disease.

While Nazaire struggle with the pain and challenges of Sickle Cell Disease which has cause his vision to fail over the years the frustration of slowly going blind has encourage him to appreciate the process of painting with a deeper purpose.  His current series of paintings deals with themes and images of the Earthquake in Haiti and life that comes after such a tragic event.

You can find more information on Hertz Nazaire and videos of his art process by visiting or on the web.

Hertz Nazaire [ naz ]

Meet the artist in person at The Blessed Benefit & Screening Party:

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Be the first to answer these two contest questions correctly on our weblog.

Win two general admission tickets valued at $90 to the Blessed benefit and
screening party, along with an event goodie bag.


1) ‘What year did Haiti gain it’s independence?’

2) ‘Name Haiti’s first president?’


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Welcome to The Blessed Project, a site dedicated to Jaffa Film’s feature-length film, “Blessed are the Meek.” We look forward to sharing this project with you, along with our hopes for the revival and resurgence of Haiti. As collective artists and activists, we will explore the challenges and triumphs of a new Haiti through articles, video blogs,  poetry and art.  We invite you to participate in the ongoing dialogue with your comments.

‘Deye Mon Gen Mon’

A proverb which speaks of both patience and the recognition of how difficult life in Haiti is:

Behind every mountain, is another mountain.

We find that the struggle is universal, each one must climb his/her mountain or move it by force of will.

Peace and blessings,

Jaffa Scribe

Photo courtesy: Christopher Porche West